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Hellenic Harvest is dedicated to curating a genuine farm-to-table journey by directly connecting consumers globally with our network of local producers.Through our dedication to excellence, we strive to offer products that not only delight the palate but also embody authenticity and sustainability. With every bottle of Hellenic Harvest olive oil, we promise an unrivaled taste experience that nourishes both body and spirit, celebrating the rich legacy of Greek agriculture.


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Early Harvest Olive Oil

From the groves of the Messinian land directly to your door!
The container is made of gold-plated tinplate.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is extracted by ripe olive crops from our olive groves, which are usually collected in November and constitutes one of the most important nutrient of the Mediterranean diet, rich in healing properties, beneficial to human health.

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Extra Virgin Organic

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents the zenith of purity and environmental consciousness in olive oil production. Sourced from organically cultivated olive groves, this oil adheres to stringent organic farming practices, ensuring no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used.

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Words We Live For!


Good Product

This product is good. It has a light flavor and is a good price point. Would recommend.

Jeremy Day

Great everyday olive oil for cooking

I get this on a recurring basis because it's such a good value, and I use olive oil a LOT in cooking. It's very mellow in flavor, so I use other olive oils for things like dressing, but I use this for almost everything I cook or bake.


Great for hair oil

Love this natural olive oil for making my own hair oil. Good price, fast shipping, and the oil has a good consistency, scent and texture.

Lily G

Pretty good

This olive oil is better than what I’ve bought at the store, it’s smoother and has a great scent. Used it for infused olive oil, everyone loved it


We Have Your Back

How it works


You buy products directly from Greek producers at their listed prices


The producers deliver the products to our freight forwarder in Athens. From there, the products are shipped to NYC


Our partner in NYC handles custom clearance


USPS or FedEx pick up the products from NYC and deliver them to your door